Ten Ideas to Achieve Life Goals

Achieve Life Goals


In life, everyone would like to take off, to soar, the way an aeroplane does. What we don’t realise is that an aircraft stays off course for a significant portion of its journey. Weather conditions, turbulence, and various other factors contribute to this deviation from the flight path. Nevertheless, pilots remain in touch with Air Traffic Control and regain the flight path. Thus the aircraft lands at its goal destination, that too mostly within the scheduled time. Life situations are similar. We set a goal, make plans, start execution; and when we face hurdles, we quit. Unlike that aircraft, which against all the odds, lands at its destination. Today, we will discover how not to end up off-target by implementing these ten Ideas to achieve life goals.

1. Set the Right Goal

The goals we are discussing here are not the materials ones, like owning a car or a property. We are talking about a broader topic, such as where do we see ourselves after ‘n’ number of years? It is on us to decide the time frame and the goal. However, we need to be reasonable while setting this target. They didn’t build Rome in a day, and it takes time to create aspirational things. We need to respect this principle and set the goal accordingly.

2. Make a Plan

Once we are aware of what we want in life, the next step is to make a plan to achieve it. A step by step plan is critical for any mission, and we must make one for achieving our goals in life too. We are mostly aware of where we stand and what we aspire to achieve. To cover this journey, we need to prepare a comprehensive milestone oriented plan that will guide us forward. This point is vital to achieving life goals. 

3. Run the Plan Mentally

Stephen R Covey, in one of his books, writes that the creation of an idea happens twice. First, mentally as a thought or intellect and second in reality as the physical creation. Thus we must visualise our plan first, and take note of our situations and circumstances. After that, anticipate the hurdles we might face in our path and how to respond to those.

4. Give it time

Lady luck may not smile upon you initially, give your efforts the time. There is an old saying, hope for the best and stay prepared for the worst. With time things start falling in place, our plan will also find its foot. All we need to do is be consistent in our efforts to achieve life goals and not lose hope.

5. Keep Looking Back

At times looking back is the best way to stay focussed, we will understand how. Reminiscing a scenario helps us know what we did right then, and what we could have done better? This action provides solid confidence for future activities. We can interpret conditions correctly and respond better; experience is a valuable life asset.

6. Look Up to the Person Ahead and Help the Ones Behind

This point is a time tested one. When we look up to the person ahead of us, we learn from their experience. We need not commit the mistakes they had committed. By doing this, we save time, effort and energy. Similarly, we must help those who are behind us. Giving back to society is an essential element of karma; such acts will help achieve self-actualisation. (Self-actualisation, according to Maslow, is the top form of human motivation, and we have discussed this in one of our previous blogs https://freemind.live/team-motivation-maslow/). Let us understand it another way; those behind us will also have the determination to progress and achieve life goals. In this quest, whether they will push us forward or push us aside, this depends entirely on the decisions we take. Hence it is vital to look ahead and look-after those behind us while on this journey.

7. Add New Elements to the Plan

Let us not be rigid with our plans to achieve life goals. The goals remain sacrosanct, yet the paths are multiple, and we must understand this principle. Thus, we must not undermine the importance of this journey. It can be unpredictable, and we might have to change some parts of the plan. Hence to keep this journey exciting, we must keep ourselves open to new experiences, learning and people.

8. Hurdles

Hurdles are unavoidable, and we will face them, so let’s be mentally prepared for it. It is essential not to get demotivated in the face of difficulties, and we need to tackle them. It is these situations that shape our characters and prepare us for more massive challenges in life. And, we never know that this hurdle might be the last one in our mission to achieve life goals.

9. Review

During childhood, there must have been some toys we desired and pestered our parents for it? And after getting that toy, we then realised that it isn’t exactly giving the happiness we expected. And now we rue that we should have desired for something else. Well! Life situations are similar, and there is no harm in reviewing the decisions we made. However, we must do it before taking that final leap of faith. This way, we wouldn’t end up regretting our life choices.

10. Retention

Top athletes in the world accept this fact that it is easier to reach the top spot than retaining it. Life is no different, and we must remain at the top of our game to maintain our state. Change is inevitable and how we respond to it shapes our future.


We have discussed above that life goal are varied for different people. However, it is imperative to set ourselves the right targets. We shouldn’t be utterly selfish and must plan our life in a way that adds value to others too. There should be constructive self-development leading to inner peace, which is a topic we now leave for another blog.

In the meanwhile, please let us know your views on this one, by writing to us at connect@freemind.live. Thank you for your time reading this one, we sincerely appreciate it.

Posted by Vivek

After working for a Fortune 500, Vivek got his calling and established a start-up in the field of consulting, which he is actively managing till date. An entrepreneur by heart, he couldn’t mentally settle down after achieving success in his venture which has offices in multiple locations, Vivek thought of penning blogs which will reflect on his life experiences, hobbies and interests, and hopes they leave a positive impact on anyone who reads it.

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