At, the content category covers three formats.

  • Read

In the read section, Articles cover topics on Wellness and Academic.

Wellness write-ups are about lifestyle improvements one can bring about in their attitude.

Academic write-ups cover research studies from the field of Sociology where-in we analyse well-established theories and their relevance in today’s era. Causes, effects and remedies of various social evils plaguing today’s society.

  • Listen

Podcasts are the future of web content. With office commutes getting longer and the newfound benefits of running and brisk walks, what better to listen to an audiobook or Podcasts. This way we can take care of health and mind simultaneously, which is not practical with write-ups and vlogs. 

  • Watch

We endeavour to deliver on all fronts which allow our patrons to absorb what we offer. Reading and listening might not be a preferred mode, and we don’t want to lose out. Hence we prepare Videos of the content we cover by way of write-ups. If someone is short on time, we got them covered!