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Freemind.live is a blog. We assure our visitors to find loads and loads of material to read. Our niche covers Startups assistance, Academics (Sociology) and Wellness – Mental and Physical.

At Freemind.live we realise that today there are some people who don’t like to spend too much time reading. Based on this understanding, we support our writings with videos and podcasts.

The writers at Freemind.live are domain experts and don’t fear to move away from the established thought-process in their field of expertise. As a result, you will find their writeups enriching and refreshing.

We at Freemind.live are open to new ideas and writers. If you believe you have a writer in you, we invite you to write for us. You may drop in a mail at connect@freemind.live about it, and we will respond shortly.

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