Why it is a Good Time to Startup Now?

It is a Good Time to Startup Now

In this episode of the podcast, I will be covering, given the global financial situation, why it is a good time to startup now?

With the going getting tough for established businesses, what are the points that justify the notion that it is a good time to startup now?

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I have shared a few of my personal experiences as an early-stage founder. What challenges I faced, what worked in my favour, and what didn’t work, for example, investors backing out? I have also discussed the advantages of being a bootstrapped startup. And how that experience of being a bootstrapped continues to assist me, till date? Even while running operations in two cities, I find the early-stage learning extremely helpful, while negotiating tough times. This point indeed confirms my belief that it is a good time to startup now.

I have discussed in the podcast, during such times, why you will be able to build a better team? Why you will be able to create significant brand-building vis-a-vis established players. Why will you be able to acquire larger clients? I have covered all this and much more in the podcast. And also provided solid reasoning as to why it is a good time to startup now?

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I have recently set-up a youtube channel, where-in I post videos on similar lines of discussions. I have covered topics such as, how to make a business plan? Why you must startup in India, in terms of available Government support? Also, a video on this particular topic, why it is a good time to startup? You may visit it by clicking on this link.

I hope you liked listening to this podcast. Please feel free to provide your feedback by writing to me at connect@freemind.live. I look forward to your responses. Also, if you may have any queries about your startup business, please feel free to connect with me. And I will respond to the best of my capabilities. Thank you for reading.

Posted by Vivek

After working for a Fortune 500, Vivek got his calling and established a start-up in the field of consulting, which he is actively managing till date. An entrepreneur by heart, he couldn’t mentally settle down after achieving success in his venture which has offices in multiple locations, Vivek thought of penning blogs which will reflect on his life experiences, hobbies and interests, and hopes they leave a positive impact on anyone who reads it.

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